Citizens of Heaven Ministries Pakistan has a very special heart and vision for the Christian women in Pakistan. When in general the Christian community is suffering bad in our country the women under go even worse situation. In our country, the Christian women’s access to property, education and employment is considerably low as compared to men’ of the reasons because the social and cultural context of Pakistani society is male dominant, that is why our Christian women have a low percentage of participation in society outside of the family. The educational status in Pakistani women is among the lowest in the world. Rather in the whole of our country the literacy rate for urban women is more than five times the rate for rural women. The school dropout rate among girls is also very high (almost 50 percent). On the other hand own women have to step out to give a helping hand to their families and husband. Those who are fortunate to receive education get to work in an office and earn handsome salaries. There is a reasonable group that gets job opportunity in medical departments as hospital nurses. The majority of women who do not get education get to work as a cleaner and sweeper. According to one survey the 16% of Pakistani women are “economically active”, Whereas this is one positive side of the coin the other negative side demands our serious attention, especially the churches are to be alarmed by it. The class of women who are educated ones and get to work in offices or in any kind of medical area as a nurse are under the constant pressure of two major things. They are constantly pressured and seduced to immorality to which they fall at one point or at the other. Many are turning to marry Muslim men since they are under their constant pressure. But the worst part is that they are kept as wives for a short time and then left alone. Others are pressurized to convert to Islam from Christianity. The women who get to work in the homes go through challenges of their own kind first of all they are considered unclean and are asked to do only the cleaning work. Like cleaning and washing bathroom, clothes, dishes, yards and cars. Then many are sexually harassed and since these women belong to poor families so they even do not protest for the crimes committed against them. Then they are constantly pressurized to convert to Islam. According to a popular survey generally the women in our country undergo the following severities: Domestic Violence, Acid throwing, Bride burning, Dowry Death, Sexual slavery, Forced prostitution, Sexual violence, Rape, violence against prostitution, The violence against women in Pakistan is a major problem. Feminists and women’s groups in Pakistan have criticized the Pakistani government and its leaders for whitewashing the persecution of women and trying to suppress information about their plight in the international arena. Skepticism and biased attitudes against women’s complaints of violence are common among prosecutors, police officers and medico legal doctors in Pakistan. Yet there is another growing class in Christian women who are turning to prostitution. The poor condition at homes, the jobless problem for the husbands, fathers or brothers are pushing factor for these women to turn to such an evil. One of the growing problem area is a lot of women are being divorced for one reason or the other. The family problem between husband and wives, wives and in laws are worsening day by day. The women need a special consideration from the church side. Of course their Challenges cannot be ignored or over looked. The church of Pentecost is laboring and ministering hard for these needy souls. The church is conducting different seminars for these women. A conference at national level was organized on 23rd march 2010. In which hundreds took part and participated. They were made aware of their Christian value in the sight of heaven. From time to time conferences on district and city levels are also organized. The church is also conducting outreach programs in the villages. The health indicators of women in Pakistan are among the worst in the world. Intra-household bias in food distribution leads to nutritional deficiencies among female children. Early marriages of girls, excessive childbearing, lack of control over their own bodies, and a high level of illiteracy adversely affect women’s health. More than 40 percent of the total female population is anemic. According to 1998 figures, the female infant mortality rate was higher than that of male children. The maternal mortality rate is also high, as only 20 percent of women are assisted by a trained provider during delivery. Women are also at a higher risk of contracting HIV-AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) because of male dominance in sex relations and lack of access to information. The church sees the following possibilities in order to help these women to overcome the obstacles lying in their way: 1. Women counseling sessions and seminars 2. Support to Widows and desperate 3. Building up women in the area of education (adult literacy) 4. Skill developing (sewing center) 5. Micro business projects 6. Lending advance schemes 7. Awareness programs The church of Pentecost has a special women ministry which is actively involved in developing women with in their reach. The women ministry is run by the church but church has chosen a group of 7 able women to carry out the vision of the church. These women meet weekly on every Tuesday. They from time to time also keep fast for the growth and for solution of the problems in the church. They study the word of God together. The women group has gone out of their own city to minister the women living in other cities.