The open air convention is main event of the “Citizens of Heaven Ministries ” Pakistan, our goal to educate the church members in their belief and proclaim the truth of the Holy Bible, clear the myths, being created by other religions, save the church by theological education, gather churches on one plat form learn from each other and convert and strengthen their faith. Citizens of Heaven Ministries Pakistan organizes program for nation of Pakistan. Church had a vision for people who have thirst for the Holy Bible and presently face misconceptions about scriptures, people need formation and information. Citizens of Heaven Ministries is passionate about equipping people to make a difference in the world through personal encouragement and Biblical teachings; we seek to use the gifts that God has placed in everyone and become more like Jesus. Our commitment to God’s Word, faithful prayer, heartfelt worship, and devoted fellowship is the key to a close personal relationship with Jesus. Citizens of Heaven Ministries Pakistan conducts educational convention every month since 2006 on self-support basis.