“When a woman educates the whole family becomes aware and educated and the sequence goes on and on and it makes the whole nation educated”.

By listening to local women, involving them early in the decision making, and focusing our resources and knowledge on a number of projects simultaneously we provide positive change that will since last 3 years our assistance and support has moved on.

This is what we are doing Focus in targeted Communities. It is all about sustainability. Whether, this means setting up Sewing Centers, to fund Adult Women Literacy Classes or providing a quality Free Formal Education to young girls to educate coming generations.

Currently we have three dimensional tasks for women but as we grow we will extend this approach into more phases.

We have aim to strengthen the process of Women’s Empowerment in the light of socio-economic development by giving power to the disadvantaged women of the society at the grassroots level through transfer of knowledge and authority.

We firmly believe that the permanent solution to improve the feminine gender can only be achieved by developing their women’s ability to mobilize, manage and control local and external resources.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the quality of the life of womenfolk by creating awareness among masses and sensitizing policy makers towards women issues for empowering them with equal opportunities.