Citizens of Heaven Ministries working for spiritual growth even and for this the Citizens of Heaven Ministries is distributing the Holy Gospel in young children of school level and the older freely.

We are doing so because we wish to see the Holy Bible in every hand of the Christians of Pakistan. By distributing the Holy Bible we also arrange Bible quiz in schools so the student will be well aware with the Holy Scripture and winner are rewarded with different gifts.

The aim of our Organization to spread the Good News in outreach areas where other people do not go as because those areas are far and backward and not even to reach easily but we try our best to reach the area with the aim of Bible distribution.

Our Future Program;

  1. Start English Holy Bible in our schools.
  2. Free Gifted Holy Bible in every Christian village.
  3. Arrange children Bible competition in school level.
  4. In every school should reading Holy Bible every day.
  5. Every school children should have personal Holy Bible.

We hope it inspires you to join us in helping people in our developing area become religiously uplift Christian society. For more information you can contact one of the team, or connect with us on face book, Twitter, You Tube and Instagram!

Many other projects still in pipe line. We are soulfully working for the groaning communities who are tyrannized and oppressed somewhere by the rich, and somewhere by the majority. We need your strong prayers and collaboration.